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The people have failed us! New Tory thinking on planning

Tory Modernisation 2.0: the future of the Conservative Party may be one of the best political books published last week. It is certainly interesting.

Perhaps predictably I found myself agreeing most with the essay on ‘Green Conservatism’ by Ben Caldecott, one of the founders of the Conservative Environment Network. This contests the idea that there is ‘a contradiction between sound economics and protecting natural resources and beauty’ and makes a plea for ‘caring about the place where we live, locally and globally’. Continue reading ‘The people have failed us! New Tory thinking on planning’

Good sense on wind farms

There was a good leading article in the Observer, echoing several CPRE concerns about the Government’s policy on wind farms.

Calling for ‘a more intelligent and nuanced debate,’ it says that the complexity and inconsistency surrounding planning decisions on onshore wind stems from ‘the lack of a coherent vision form the government about how many onshore turbines should be built’. The Government should recognise the ‘cumulative impact’ of wind turbines. It should also do much more to encourage energy efficiency. Continue reading ‘Good sense on wind farms’

Tony Kemmer 1949-2012

Tony Kemmer died suddenly and unexpectedly on Christmas Eve while preparing to play golf.  Tony had been a national CPRE trustee since 2010 and chaired CPRE’s regional group in the East Midlands for four years from 2006.  He made an outstanding contribution to CPRE in both roles. Continue reading ‘Tony Kemmer 1949-2012’