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CPRE and second homes: the official position

The next issue of the Countryman will not come out for a week or two, but I thought I should post my latest column (or a slightly longer version of it) now because I have spent much of this week responding to CPRE members and supporters about CPRE President Sir Andrew Motion’s comments on second homes. CPRE has recently drawn up a policy guidance note on housing, conceived by volunteers from branches across England. Second homes are dealt with in paragraph 8.5. Anyway, here is the piece that will appear in May’s Countryman. Continue reading ‘CPRE and second homes: the official position’

CPRE and Mrs Thatcher: the untold story

Earlier today I debated with the Planning Minister, Nick Boles, at a Conservative Home event.  In preparation Oliver Hilliam, CPRE’s archivist, dug out a file marked ‘Margaret Thatcher’s strong support for CPRE’ and I was able to use a couple of choice quotations in the debate.  It is not often that I use Mrs Thatcher’s words to bolster my arguments, but I hope today will mark the start of Nick Boles’s conversion to a more countryside-friendly, Thatcherite approach to planning.  Continue reading ‘CPRE and Mrs Thatcher: the untold story’