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Save our Countryside! CPRE’s new Charter

We have had a busy couple of days launching CPRES’s Charter to save our countryside

The purpose of the Charter, which is supported by a host of prominent people, is to rally support around three simple propositions.  We need to value the countryside, developing suitable brownfield sites before encroaching on green fields; give local communities a proper say; and – which have been controversial within CPRE at one time, but is not now – build more new houses, but with better design, in the right places, and with an emphasis on affordability.

We want to jolt Ministers out of their complacency: what they seem to think is happening (ordered development, largely on brownfield land, with local consent) really is not happening.  Instead, up and down the country people are seeing local objections disregarded and poor quality development sprawling into the countryside when better alternatives are available.  And they are getting fed up.  Continue reading ‘Save our Countryside! CPRE’s new Charter’