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The roads programme: saloon bar policy-making

The Government has been boasting for some time that it is committed to the largest road building programme for fifty years. Now it has announced how it intends to spend £15 billion on roads by the end of the decade. There is £100 million to improve cycling provision and to ‘cycle-proof’ new roads, and £300 million for an environmental fund to reduce the carbon, noise and landscape impacts of the roads network, and these funds are very welcome.

The trouble lies with plans for the remaining £14.6 billion. These include schemes that will damage National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and a tunnel under Stonehenge (in itself a good thing) that will fail to preserve the setting of the country’s most important World Heritage Site.

CPRE will be engaging with these proposals in detail. We have funded a roads campaigner for nine months and hope to do much more, working alongside the Campaign for Better Transport and other likeminded organisations. We will undoubtedly produce a good deal of detailed analysis, but it seems worth making a few points now. Continue reading ‘The roads programme: saloon bar policy-making’