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Energy efficiency: how the countryside is losing out

Today CPRE publishes a new report, Warm and Green, about the need to improve the efficiency of buildings in rural England – and the potential consequences if we continue to focus on the supply energy while doing too little to limit demand. Here is my article about the report, from the forthcoming issue of the Countryman.

Houses in the country tend to be older than those in towns and more expensive to heat. But despite the fact that they face higher than average energy costs, rural communities get little of the money available for energy efficiency. Rural areas are home to almost a fifth of England’s population, but receive less than 1p for every pound the Government invests in energy efficiency.

The result is too many people who cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. But there are also serious environmental consequences. If Britain is to meet the Climate Change Act’s targets for carbon reduction, which all the main parties support, we must use much less energy. It will not be enough to make urban houses more efficient if those in the countryside continue to leach heat.

A new report from CPRE, Warm and Green, shows how we can do better. Continue reading ‘Energy efficiency: how the countryside is losing out’